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Items made of natural latex have to be cared for in order to keep them in pristine condition. This simple yet informative help guide to latex clothing - ways to get it on, how you can care for items, how to keep items protected plus much more useful tips - will help you get the most out of your latex experience.

Getting latex clothing on

Most latex-wear is made out of moulded natural latex. Here liquid rubber is poured into a mould to create seamless items. These moulded latex items are often thicker than glued latex equivalents therefore making them more resistant against tearing or splitting. However, latex clothing is very super tight acting nearly as another skin. Consequently to get latex-wear on without splitting or tearing the latex it is best to apply either talcum powder or a silicone based lubricant to the within the item so that it does not keep to the skin when trying on. Pull the product on gently taking care not to snag it on fingernails or jewellery. Also make sure that your skin is dry and don't forget it's just like important to take the equivalent care when taking latex-wear off while you do when putting it on.

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Caring for latex clothing after wear

After wearing latex items wipe them clean with warm soapy water. Ensure that all soap is taken away after which hang to drip dry. To make sure that the garment is sufficiently dry and doesn't stick together turn inside out to finish from the drying process. Do not attempt to clean latex-wear in the washing machine or dry items on the radiator because this will more than likely lead to melting!

Adding shine

When you purchase latex items the latex is dull which may be misleading as latex clothes are usually pictured to be shiny. To provide latex items a shiny finish using a rubber shiner is extremely recommended. After applying a tiny bit of rubber shiner to garments buff the top of latex having a soft cloth to have an effective overall shine. Silicone based rubber shiners also help you to get into latex-wear more easily and to keep your garments in pristine condition for extended.

Prolonging the life span of latex clothing

To increase the life span of latex items and it from degrading for as long as possible keep it in a dry, dark place (a cupboard or perhaps a drawer for instance) from direct sunlight, moisture as well as heat. It's also important to store items at 70 degrees. If they're too cold it'll prove harder to get them on because they will be less supple. Being an added way of measuring protection (although this isn't essential), add talcum powder to your latex items and summary in tissue paper in an air tight sealed bag before placing right into a cupboard or drawer.

Don't use if...

If you have any known allergies to latex Don't use any latex products. It might cause certain illness.

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